Explore the Web with Internet-wide Certificates Database

CertDB is the analysis tool designed by security researches for exploration of the certificate-driven data about websites, organizations and certificate issuers. Nowadays, every IT project requires data encryption - something that generates vast amounts of data for analysis and discovery of statistical and detailed information about specific companies, their business objectives and integration between them. Data, that has been generally used by IT security specialists alone, is now available for analysis by entrepreneurs, marketers and business analysts.

How it works? And how do I use it?

  • cloud-computingCertDB continuously scans every reachable web server on the Internet for digital certificates (SSL and TLS). And all of this information is available to query and analyze in real time. CertDB uses all publicly accessible entry points for analysis scanning to the most common ports of the entire IPv4 range. For example, analysis can be narrowed down to recently registered domains, soon to expire certificates, geographic location, company names and many more.
  • domain-registrationThe creation and expiry of digital certificates act as indicators of entrepreneurial activity in the IT space. The issuance of a new certificate marks the beginning of operations for some organization or an entrepreneur in a particular field or geographical region. The expiration of a certificate often indicates that the business activity is slowing down. See our examples of simple research on digital certificates data here.
  • shieldNeedless to say, historically, IT security experts expressed most interest in digital certificates based data. CertDB provides a convenient tool for security experts to perform relevant research and analysis.