About CertDB

Mission of the project

The Internet is developing at an incredibly fast pace; the companies without any web presence are becoming more and more of an anachronism. The issues of network and data security and associated breaches generate an exponentially-growing amount of media coverage, and the general public is already well-acquainted with the matter. Any web project that stores even the minimal amount of user data must ensure its privacy and integrity in transmission, thus the need for digital certificates. Examining the data hidden in digital certificates provides a lot of insight about business activity in a particular geography or even collaboration between 2 different companies. For example, the registration of a new unknown domain in Palo Alto hints at a new start-up; switching from the "Wildcard" certificate to "Let's Encrypt" tells us about the organization's budget constraints; issuing a certificate in an organization with domains of another organization speaks about collaboration between companies, or even at an acquisition of one company by another.

We are proud to introduce CertDB, an Internet-wide search engine for research and analysis in the field of digital certificates. Now you can quickly and conveniently analyze both historical data and get new information in real time, as our crawlers analyze the web 24/7 for new certificates.

Use cases

Examples on how to use CertDB are below.

Certificates reached in

Certificates subscribing domain taobao.com

Certificates from Intel at Washington

Certificates which would expire in a week from Australia

Certificates issued in last 10 days for Microsoft Corporation

Certificates for D-LINK from United States

Certificates for Microsoft Corporation from subnet